Generating Companion Config files for vMix Datasource Titles

This tool is -for now- kind of opinionated about the way Datasource Titles are used in vMix. Feel free to propose different ways of using vMix titles here.

The basic idea is that you'll provide some basic details about your setup, the variables are used when generating the companion button actions. After hitting 'generate' at the bottom of the page, Config Buddy will push a download to your browser.

UI and interface feedback can be improved, but it should be a working prototype.


vMix DataSource Titles

Generate a Companion Config file for vMix Datasource Overlay Titles. Will add an 'Toggle Overlay' action as well. Your uploaded files will not be saved on our servers.

or drag and drop

CSV or XLSX up to 10MB

V0.8.1 - Please share feedback here.

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